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Washington, DC |   1011 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20001

Uncover Local Experiences of the Thriving City

Explore the roads of Washington DC.This city has witnessed many historical events. Take your time to uncover the glory. Hit the road and visit the popular memorials, museums, and cultural institutions.
Your love for adventure will not remain unnoticed. Morrison-Clark Historic puts you within minutes of safe outdoor activities. Come explore the beautiful parks, hiking trails,golf courses, and have fun.
  • The National Mall
    The National Mall
    Explore‘America's Front Yard' by walk. Find inspiring memorials, monuments, and museums in your way, including Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.
    Location: Washington, DC
    Phone: 202 426-6841
    Distance: 1.5 mi
    Category: History, Activity
  • Lincoln Memorial
    Lincoln Memorial
    Once you reach and climb the stairs, find the quote etched into the wall: "In this temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever."
    Location: 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW
    Phone: 202-426-6841
    Distance: 2.2 mi
    Category: History, Culture
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
    This memorial pays respect to the famous activist, humanitarian, and civil-rights leaderDr. Martin Luther King Jr. His famous ‘I have a dream' speech was delivered from nearby steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
    Location: 1964 Independence Ave SW
    Phone: 202-426-6841
    Distance: 2.1 mi
    Category: History, Culture
  • Jefferson Memorial
    Jefferson Memorial
    This monument was once considered by visitors as one of the most favorite pieces of architecture. This memorial pays tribute to America's thirdpresident and author of the Declaration of Independence - Thomas Jefferson.
    Location: 16 E Basin Dr SW
    Phone: 202-426-6841
    Distance: 3.1 mi
    Category: History, Culture
  • Arlington National Cemetery
    Arlington National Cemetery
    This is the United States' largest military Cemetery. Visit this place to show your respect to all those military veterans who lost their lives to fight for the country's freedom.
    Location: Arlington, VA 22211
    Phone: 877-907-8585
    Distance: 3.9 mi
    Category: Culture, Sight-seeing
  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park
    Smithsonian National Zoological Park
    This national zoo is ready to welcome you with cute Giant Pandas and hundreds of other lovely animal species. Smithsonian National Zoo is open for visitors with their new safety guidelines in place.
    Location: 3001 Connecticut Ave NW
    Phone: 202 633-4888
    Distance: 2.8 mi
    Category: Adventure, Wildlife
  • Dupont Circle
    Dupont Circle
    You cannot fit the feel of the Dupont Circle neighborhood within a particular box. This place has a perfect blend of everything. Explore the area to visit historic homes, art museums, local shops, and experience a vibrant nightlife.
    Location: Washington, DC
    Distance: 2.0 mi
    Category: Culture, Sight-seeing
  • Sculpture Garden
    Sculpture Garden
    The National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden is open for visitors. They have reduced the opening time and implemented strict safety measures to ensure everyone's wellness. Wearing protective masks is mandatory.
    Location: Constitution Ave NW &, 7th St NW
    Phone: 202-289-3360
    Distance: 3.2 mi
    Category: Art, Culture
  • Rock Creek Park
    Rock Creek Park
    Hike, run, have fun with your family in the lush greenery of Rock Creek Park. Explore the fun and safe activities in this urban oasis. Social distancing measures are in place.
    Location: Washington DC
    Phone: 202-895-6000
    Distance: 2.9 mi
    Category: Nature, Adventure
  • National Arboretum
    National Arboretum
    The National Arboretum is open for visitors. Discover and learn about an array of plants, take pictures, and enjoy with your family in this peaceful sight. Wearing a protective mask is mandatory.
    Location: 3501 New York Ave NE
    Phone: 202-245-2726
    Distance: 4.5 mi
    Category: Nature, Sight-seeing

Traveler’s Insights

Are the Washington DC parks open?
Are the Washington DC parks open? Most parks are open for the public with proper safety measures in place. For some parks, the opening time has reduced to maintain a healthy &clean environment. Social distancing is being monitored.
Are the Washington DC parks open?
Are the Washington DC restaurants open?
Are the Washington DC restaurants open? Yes. Restaurants are back in business with all safety protocols in place. Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear protective masks and practice social distancing carefully.
Are the Washington DC restaurants open?
Does Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant offer safe accommodation?
Does Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant offer safe accommodation? We are always committed to cleanliness & hygiene. In this trying time, we are taking additional measures of cleanliness and frequently sanitizing all areas with EPA-approved disinfectants.
Does Morrison-Clark Historic Inn & Restaurant offer safe accommodation?
Should I take a sight-seeing tour?
Should I take a sight-seeing tour? Morrison-Clark Historic puts you in minutes of the best attractions of the city and safe outdoor activities. There is no need to travel far, just take the right precautions, and start exploring.
Should I take a sight-seeing tour?

Enjoy a Safe & Healthy Accommodation

Your health and well-being are of paramount importance. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting every corner of our hotel to make your staycation safe and peaceful.
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